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Endorsed - Chicago Sun-Times

"We give an enthusiastic nod to incumbent Carol Sente, a thoughtful, fiscally conservative Democrat who has served since 2009. We like that she’s independent-minded, voting last spring against Speaker Madigan’s budget.."

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Endorsed - Daily Herald

"We like her independent spirit and the fact that she looks across the aisle, not just down the hall to the speaker's office, when proposing or considering legislation. We need more people like that on both sides of the aisle in Springfield."

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Endorsed - Chicago Tribune

"Sente did stand up to party leadership in May by voting against a wildly unbalanced budget pushed by Speaker Michael Madigan. She is one of few Democrats who isn't afraid to challenge him, publicly and privately."

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It's an Honor to Serve

"I'm running for State Representative because Springfield needs more public servants who are willing to work together to compromise and find solutions. I am a fiscal conservative, social moderate with the right amount of independence. I've lived in the great State of Illinois all my life and love all this state has to offer. I don't like partisan politics, the condition of our budget, or our sluggish business climate. I believe if you want something to change, you should jump in to participate in the solution, and bring your ideas and energy to fix it. I'm proud of my record of accomplishment. In the coming term, I want to participate in bi-partisan working groups to find long term solutions that put Illinois on a more solid path forward."


Carol Sente
Candidate for State Representative District 59